Hawkes Bay Harcourts

We are Hawke’s Bay Harcourts. Harcourts is New Zealand’s oldest and largest real estate brand, founded in 1888. We offer our consultants our Harcourts Academy, a Harcourts training facility often used as a benchmark in the real estate industry. Harcourts also provide their consultants with cutting-edge technology, customised Harcourts apps developed for Apple and Android. Due the to innovative thought process behind this, Apple Inc proudly associates their brand with ours, profiling Harcourts as the best in the industry. It doesn’t stop there, Harcourts provides their consultants with multiple brands/divisions; Luxury Property Selection, NAI Harcourts (commercial), a rural division and property management. On top of this, Harcourts began their own charity not for profit organisation called Harcourts Foundation. This organisation has raised over $4m to date, and helped many people. With all of this, plus much more to offer, it’s no wonder Harcourts is Australian’s fastest growing real estate brand and holds offices in 10 different countries and still growing.

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