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Keirunga Gardens consultation extended

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The Hastings District Council has received a peer review of the Keirunga Gardens Draft Tree Management Plan and Tree Assessment report to better inform any future decision making.

Arborlab Consultancy Services Ltd has conducted a peer review of the draft tree management plan and assessed the risk posed by the trees, as well as their health and condition.

Resulting from that review, Arborlab has put forward a number of alternative pruning and removal recommendations for the Arthur’s Path walkway that have been included as an addendum to the current consultation.

This addendum report summarises and compares the key features of the consultation document (draft Keirunga Tree Management Plan) and the key features of the Arborlab peer review.

While both reports identify the same or similar themes in dealing with the tree stock on Arthur’s Path, they differ markedly in their recommended approach to dealing with the trees and in particular the large oaks.

To give the community time to absorb and give feedback on this additional information, the consultation timeframe for the draft tree management plan has been extended until April 5, 2019.

People who have already submitted will be provided the opportunity to add to their submission given the recommendations of the peer review document and the addendum report.

The public can read the draft plan and the addendum, which outlines the key themes and an alternative approach to management of the woodland, on the website.

Council will consider the draft tree management plan, the peer review and all of the submissions, before deciding on its course of action.

Options, ranging from the status quo (minimal maintenance and keeping the park safe) to major landscape change will be considered.

Ultimately, the decision will be based on the full consultative approach, and the outcome of the decision will then determine future budget requirements.

In the meantime, the council will continue to monitor the health of the tree stock to ensure all steps are taken to keep visitors and nearby properties safe.

Hastings mayor Sandra Hazlehurst encouraged the community to read both reports and have their say.

“Keirunga Gardens holds a special place in the heart of our community, and we look forward to hearing from and working with our people to come up with a plan that reflects the significance of this beloved public space.”

Posted: 9 March 2019

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