Wairoa in Māori means ‘Long Water’. A rich culture and heritage have been harnessed and displayed to great effect against a backdrop of natural beauty that rivals any in New Zealand.

Wairoa is the northernmost town in the Hawke’s Bay region, and is located on the northern shore of Hawke’s Bay at the mouth of the Wairoa River and to the Southwest of Mahia Peninsula.

In 2014, following the election of a new Council and the appointment of a new Chief Executive, the district embarked on an ambitious programme of attracting high-tech industry to the district. An increased emphasis by the Wairoa District Council on economic development, particularly aimed at encouragement of diversification of agribusiness, ecotourism, digital creative industry attraction, and attraction of new and returning residents, has led to an increasingly positive community view of the district’s future.

As a result of these economic development efforts, in 2016, Rocket Lab announced that it was establishing its Orbital Launch Site (known as Launch Complex 1) for its Electron Vehicle on the Māhia Peninsula. Space launches are expected to commence in the second quarter of 2017 with a series of three test launches and commercial launches are anticipated to follow soon after.

The Council’s Economic Development strategy identifies seven key, inter-related themes, of which four of these themes are enablers, meaning that while they do not generate wealth in their own right, they are an essential component in facilitating and supporting local development and growth. As such, the Wairoa District Council works closely with the community to develop ideas and assist in turning thoughts into reality. This happens on many levels – from small community initiatives to large scale plans involving multiple entities.

Great Things Grow Here