More Workers Consider “Going Back To School”

With the summer holiday shut-down looming, Hawke’s Bay Today reporter Andrew Ashton examines how Hawke’s Bay’s labour force is increasingly taking to more “horizontal” career paths, and find out how an increasing willingness to “go back to school” is benefiting the region’s business landscape. While the region’s schools are eyeing an extended holiday, for many already in work this summer will be a time to ponder their next move on their career path – and with more than half of those studying at EIT’s Hawke’s Bay campus classed as mature students, it appears it is never too late to chase that dream job. Greg Martin was 33, living in London and struggling to find a job in his trained field, when he decided he needed to switch things up. He couldn’t find work in the automotive glazing field he had worked in since leaving secondary school. All the positions he applied for required qualifications. It was the same situation when he moved to Dublin. Photo: Greg Martin and Mike Hannah at Eastern Institute of Technology. Photo / Paul Taylor. For morCapturee on this and other great Hawke’s Bay stories go to Posted: 24 November 2018