Family Business pumped for the future – Harris Pumps

Stephen and Michael Harris are the third generation to take the helm at Hastings-based firm Harris Pumps and Filtration and the cousins are determined to take the business to the next level, joining business growth organisation The Icehouse’s Owner Operator Programme and recently getting support from the Regional Business Partner to work through the shock of COVID-19 .

Stephen Harris anticipated trouble ahead when the effects of the pandemic had the potential to hit their supply chains in Europe and Asia earlier in the year so he started ordering extra products and supplies.

“We stocked up on pumps from Europe and Asia and thankfully the freight kept coming in.” Initially, when lockdown hit in New Zealand there was a group of staff ready to work but the phones were quiet and staff numbers required in the office were cut back. Workshop staff were in their own bubble and staff came up with ideas to maintain safety with workshop hours, for example, staggered. “We couldn’t send staff in the same vehicle and the costs went up for sure.”


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