Jobs platform inploi arrives in NZ, capturing the “New Collar” workforce

  • Technology start-up inploi has launched in New Zealand targeting Millennial and Generation-Z candidates – the “New Collar” workforce
  • inploi disrupts legacy jobs platforms by harnessing features such as video profiles, video calling, candidate-job matching and instant messaging, empowering employers to attract and connect with talent
  • With New Collar workers comprising the majority of the workforce, inploi reaches tech-savvy, mission-driven, constantly connected digital natives within their own territory.

Technology start-up inploi has arrived in New Zealand, poised to disrupt traditional job sites with its suite of technology, branding, and marketing solutions connecting the New Collar workforce with companies wanting to engage and hire from this demographic.

inploi’s New Zealand country manager, Damon Hyland, says inploi vastly improves the recruitment experience for both job seekers and employers, providing an end-to-end hiring solution for companies looking to reach the next generation of talent. He says that Millennials and Generation-Z – the demographics making up the majority of today’s workforce – behave differently to those before them. The way they interact with brands and access information has changed, says Hyland, and to engage them successfully employers need to think of them as “consumers of workplaces”.

“The way New Zealand’s New Collar job seekers connect and engage with employers and brands is ever evolving,” Hyland explains.  “Companies need to rethink how they hire, retain and develop talent in order to keep pace. Millennial and Gen-Zers have grown up with technology and are always connected, whether that’s with their friends, family, peers, or favourite businesses. In order to reach them, employers need to ‘play where they are’ – connecting on the platforms and using the technologies they inhabit. And they need to consider how they convince a job seeker of their values and culture, which is also really important to the New Collar worker.”

With employer branding at its heart, inploi – which first launched in the United Kingdom and Germany – empowers companies to speak to candidates as consumers of workplaces, helping to tell their stories using captivating content, delivered through inploi’s mobile apps and web platform.

“When it comes time to hire, inploi is a trusted recruitment technology services partner offering clients a full suite of technology, branding, and marketing solutions that reach the Millennial and Gen-Z demographic,” says Hyland. “There are opportunities to create content, distribute a job listing, buy media, recruit via social media and access analytics, all through the platform.

inploi works with leading enterprises across diverse industries, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve attracting both active and passive candidates.”

Entering the New Zealand market presents an exciting opportunity for inploi, says Hyland. “The majority of New Zealand companies still lean on outdated and inefficient methods to advertise jobs. They’re spending significant sums trying to reach potential candidates via channels that are increasingly irrelevant, trying to engage them with tools that deliver an outdated and alien user experience.

“With a number of our medium and large employers in New Zealand experiencing an ongoing need for staff at all levels, recruitment can be a real pain point for businesses. inploi brings together an optimised platform along with great support and a sales team working on the ground.”

With a quickly growing base of candidate users and thousands of job opportunities available across web and mobile right here in New Zealand, inploi is designed to help companies engage tomorrow’s workforce, today. The response so far has been fantastic, says Hyland. “We’re seeing great results from brands keen to connect and recruit using the inploi model. Already we have clients on board across horticulture, construction and hospitality with more in the wings, and candidates excited to connect and learn more about these employers. That’s why inploi exists.”


MEDIA RELEASE – Tuesday 9th March, 2021