Leaders in Automation for food procesing

MHM Automation designs and supplies automated systems for food processing. They understand the challenges processors face and develop solutions to deliver better quality product with improved food safety and reduced reliance on manual labour.

The company is recognised as a technology leader, with its equipment installed for some of the world’s most prominent names in dairy and meat processing.

For primary processors of cheese, MHM Automation provides complete line automation from the cheese tower to palletising, including the BetaVac vacuum packing system and Milmeq cheese cooling tunnel, renowned for its reliability and simplicity of operation.

For primary processors of meat and fresh produce, they offer complete line automation from packing to palletising. Equipment includes AiCo carton erectors, lidders and closers, and Milmeq chilling and freezing tunnels or Milmeq plate freezers for fast, energy-efficient freezing.

For secondary processors, the H&C reverse packaging system is the only one of its kind, providing complete process automation at the front end of the processing line. Functions include de-palletising, de-cartoning, de-bagging and defect detection. Integrated vision systems allow for variability in product shape and size.


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