Small town living, big sky dreaming: Is running a global business from the regions better than the alternative?

“Benefits of Going Global From the Regions”

A great article articulating the reasons and benefits of doing business from the regions.


First published by Idealog:

Thanks to the sophisticated tech platforms at our fingertips, more Kiwi companies than ever are swapping city slicking for the small-town life, but is the grass truly greener on the other side? We have a chat to four businesses who are running global businesses from the New Zealand’s regions about the perks and challenges that come with it, as well as their top tips for others looking to make the move.

After a hectic 2019 spent heaving in traffic back and forth across Auckland to get to my office – a tale as old as time – I spent my New Years and early January break deep in the belly of small-town New Zealand. The oxygen seemed cleaner, my toes got soggier and my breathing slowed down a few notches.


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