Water supply business springs up in time for busy summer season

COVID-19 might be the crisis that we will all remember 2020 for but locally, farmers will never forget the year due to one of our most severe droughts.

Water demand was at an all-time high as farmers in sun-parched rural areas tanked in our most precious natural resource.

Local businessman Shaun McPherson was forced to return to one of his old jobs, truck driving, while his commercial cleaning business Boulevard Services experienced a downturn due to offices and retail stores being forced shut for many weeks.

While driving a truck, Shaun had plenty of time to think about business opportunities that could come from COVID-19.

As he drove across the Hawke’s Bay hinterland that was bearing the brunt of the drought, he plotted his new business idea – getting water faster to those that live in remote areas such as farms and coastal property owners.

“You had to be asleep at the wheel if you weren’t hearing stories of water shortages and farmers struggling to get an immediate delivery of water at the height of the season. Water supply was also regarded as a critical service, so we saw the opportunity.”


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