Lulu’s Soft Serve Hawke’s Bay: The woman serving up sprinkles of joy from a pink truck

Meg Weston can’t count the number of times she’s been called Mrs Whippy.

She always replies with the same answer: “I’m not Mrs Whippy, I’m way cooler. Call me the icecream lady – I’m cool with that”.

You may have seen Weston around. She’s the woman in the big pink Lulu’s Soft Serve HB icecream truck.

She hit the streets at the beginning of January and is loving it.

“Before I got the truck, I was sitting in my garage by myself sewing mats for my business Weston Carpet Overlocking. I still do that but now I have the option to head outdoors and meet people.

“I love that icecream is international. Everyone loves icecream no matter their nationality, race or age. And it’s a year-round treat. No one ever says they can’t eat icecream because it’s winter.

“People, especially adults, are excited to see an icecream truck on their streets. Every second person I meet says to me they haven’t seen one around for years. It’s nostalgic and people love letting their kids experience it. Even the whole chasing after the icecream truck part.”

And yes, there’s music. “The Entertainer is the fun and happy music played when I drive around the streets.”

While Weston is neither Mrs Whippy nor Lulu, her sister is. Lulu that is – that’s how it all began.

“My sister Lulu started this business in South Waikato. They recently upgraded their vehicle and brought this truck here for me to run.”

Weston had joined her sister in the Lulu’s truck on visits to Waikato. “I would work the till while she served, so I knew what was involved. Before bringing the truck to Hawke’s Bay, I did several weeks in the Waikato getting hands-on training from Lulu in her van.

She also completed a food safety course.

She has a live tracker on her Facebook page so when she’s out and about people know where to find her.

“One day someone was right behind me so I pulled over thinking they wanted to pass. But they had been tracking me and wanted an icecream. For the first few weeks. that’s all I did – drive the streets.”

She joined a Facebook group called Food Trucks Hawke’s Bay, where people organising an event post and ask who is available.

Lulu’s has now been to many events including Tom Jones at Pettigrew-Green Arena, Multi-Cultural Day, Waitangi celebrations, sports events, work shouts and private events.

She still hits the streets about four days a week depending on her schedule and the weather.


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Find Lulu’s on Facebook to see where she’s parked up.