Nutritious Meals Feed Booming Business

Kristy Isaacson knew as a 13-year-old teenager living in Hawke’s Bay that she wanted to be a chef. So after learning her trade at EIT and Wellington, she spent years travelling and working in kitchens around the world. Eventually she returned home with a dream of combining her love of cooking with her aspirations of becoming a businesswoman, and with only one thing on her mind – success. Failure was not an option and Kristy didn’t waste energy worrying about what would happen if she didn’t succeed. It turns out she need not have worried at all. Kristy firstly “took a punt” on a little store on a side street in Hastings and opened MYLK (My Little Kitchen) Food Store. Photo: Kristy Isaacson For morCapturee on this and other great Hawke’s Bay stories go to Posted: 31 August 2018