Hastings unrivalled growing conditions make it the economic powerhouse of the regional economy.

About Hastings

Hastings is a connected district with a range of industry, talent, and lifestyle opportunities where the thinkers and doers thrive. Open space for head space ensures opportunities for innovation. A base where businesses delivering products and services across the globe prosper.

Covering 5,229 km² Hastings is a large varied district, high speed fibre keeps us connected, and transport links to the rest of the country (and the world) mean our products get where they need to be. The main urban areas of Hastings central, Havelock North, Flaxmere and Clive, as well as a myriad of smaller coastal and rural settlements provide homes for business as well as a diverse, skilled and stable workforce.

Hastings Homes for Business

Hasting’s Homes for Business: Irongate Industrial Zone, Omahu Industrial Zone, Whakatu Industrial Zone, The Tomoana Food Hub