Wairoa Homes for Business

Wairoa business opportunities are growing

An increasing number of people are choosing to live in the rural service town where technology has overcome isolation barriers, yet the low cost of living and relaxed lifestyle has been maintained.
Living in Wairoa means popping home for lunch, no traffic jams, watersport adventures after work, and – all at a minimal cost.

There are a range of specialist jobs offering competitive pay and career opportunities for individuals and couples and Wairoa offers the ideal location to raise a family.

There is an increased emphasis by the Wairoa District Council on economic development, particularly aimed at encouragement of diversification of agribusiness, ecotourism, digital creative industry attraction, and attraction of new and returning residents, has led to an increasingly positive community view of the district’s future.

The Council is driving a main street revitalisation project – Te Wairoa E Whanake – Rise Up and Grow Wairoa.
The partnership initiative involves transforming a significant area of the main street focussing on a multi-functional connected town centre that celebrates Wairoa’s unique heritage and culture and champions the Wairoa River.

The development includes a street food café hospitality pod, an indoor/outdoor courtyard area, and three businesses offering a mix of hospitality and retail.

Rocket Lab, the only private orbital launch range in the world, is based in the Wairoa district at the tip of the Mahia Peninsula. Rocket Lab has established two launch sites which allows for back-to-back launches of its Electron Vehicle from the Mahia Launch Complex 1 site.