Innovate Napier – Trevor Westhead

Innovating for a smarter, safer world with Trevor Westhead, Head of End Customers for the Oceania region.

Almost all cities have a smart city agenda.

Priorities will differ according to the unique challenges faced, but the same goals apply:

To create ways to use data and resources more efficiently and make cities more liveable. This session will discover key technologies and products supporting Public Safety, Urban Mobility and Environmental Monitoring.

Trevor is based in Melbourne and has worked for Axis for the past 15 years. Axis Communications is the industry leader in video surveillance. They develop and supply innovative network solutions that improve security and business performance.

He has engaged with businesses and government agencies, including law enforcement, to understand what keeps them awake at night. His passion is helping develop solutions and technologies that support a Smarter, safer world in which public safety is number one. Council Steering committees regularly invite him to help with safe city planning that involves CCTV, Analytics, Cyber Security, and Sustainability.

Trevor is a passionate motorcyclist who, in his spare time, loves blasting away the cobwebs with a few mates on their bikes.


Innovate Napier – Trevor Westhead
Friday 14 June 2024 7:15am – 9:00am
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