Sports Institute May Help Reverse Brain Drain

Although more sponsor contributions are still required for the facility to reach its full potential, construction is well under way at the Sir Graeme Avery-led Community Health and Sport Centre project.

The monumental vision, based around the recently named EIT Institute of Sport and Health, is already initiating a reversal of the brain drain out of Hawke’s Bay.

The EIT Institute will be the main facility driving research and creating programmes for delivery throughout the region, and although aligning with other existing community centres, it will be the focal point and centre piece for health and sport in all of Hawke’s Bay, with stage 1 due for completion mid-2019.

Opinion: Marcus Agnew is the health and sport development manager at Hawke’s Bay Community Fitness Centre Trust and is also a lecturer in sports science at EIT. For morCapturee on this and other great Hawke’s Bay stories go to Posted: 8 August 2018