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Clifton Sea Wall Works Pause For Christmas

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The Clifton seawall construction is nearly complete, but work will be paused over the busy Christmas and New Year period.

Construction on the new 400m limestone wall began in September this year, designed to safeguard public access to the Clifton boat ramp, the camping ground and the gateway to Cape Kidnappers, one of the region’s prime tourist destinations.

The wall extends from in front of the campground to Clifton Café, and it has a consent for 35 years.

Although nearly finished, the decision was made to stop construction on December 21 for three weeks until January 14 for the convenience of the high number of visitors expected in the area during this time, and also to take the heavy vehicles associated with the work off the road over the main Christmas period.

Before December 21 the plan is to apply a layer of chip metal to the surface of the access road to the No.1 camp to help suppress dust.

Access road stabilising and sealing is expected to start late January/early February, and estimated to take three to five days to complete.

The concrete tractor ramp was poured last week and is now operational.

Clifton Marine Club president Paul Hursthouse said the project to install the revetment had gone very smoothly, and he thanked the contractors for the great job they had done to date.

“We’re very grateful that the council listened to us and others in the community – the construction is aesthetically pleasing and more importantly this now assures access to the marine club and camping ground.”

Councillor Rod Heaps said work was progressing well and thanked people in advance for their patience while waiting for the work to be complete.

“It’s been a great effort from all concerned from the project managers to the contractors and through the process, the council has established a good working relationship with the Clifton Marine Club and Clifton Marine Reserve Society.”

Councillor Ann Redstone said she was excited to see this project in its final stages of completion.

“The contractors have done a great job on the rock revetment wall which is an important asset to the region. It will protect the access road to one of our most visited tourist attractions for many years to come.”

Posted: 19 December 2018

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