Final Stages Of Pipe Project, Temporary Bridge Closure

The Crosses Rd bridge is to be closed for one day this week as part of the final stages of the Hastings to Havelock North water main project. The $10m project is a key part of an overall drinking water infrastructure upgrade that started in February this year, and entails 4.8km of pipe being laid from Sylvan Rd in Hastings to Napier Rd in Havelock North via St Aubyn St, Windsor Ave, Howard St, St George’s Rd and Crosses Rd. The placement of pipes on Crosses Rd bridge is the last piece of pipe laying work to be completed, and in order to do it safely requires the bridge being closed to all traffic on Thursday, November 22. Preparation to close the bridge will begin on Monday, November 19, when it will be reduced to one lane, and this will remain the case until Thursday when the bridge will be completely closed, expected to re-open at the end of the day. In the event of rain, works will be rescheduled to another date. Residents of Crosses Rd will still have access to their properties, and have received information about the closure. For other road users, if this bridge is part of their main route they will need to make alternative plans. Council’s works and services committee chairman Kevin Watkins thanked people for their understanding over the last nine months of roadworks required to install the water main. “While we have tried to keep disruption to a minimum, and informed the community of our plans along the way, this work may have been frustrating at times and we appreciate everyone’s patience – this project is nearly there.” The new water main is a once-in-a-generation piece of infrastructure that has been designed to build resilience, capacity and improved safety into the district’s water supply. Photo: The Crosses Rd bridge will close on Thursday, November 22 for the day. Posted: 19 November 2018