More Residential Land In Havelock North

More than 390 additional homes will be possible in Havelock North following the Environment Minister’s approval of a variation to the Hastings District Plan to rezone the land for residential purposes. The rezoning paves the way for four new neighbourhoods with a variety of section sizes to meet the needs of all age groups and life stages, accompanied by significant reserve spaces. Since 1993, the Iona area of Havelock North had been identified for residential growth in response to a growing need for housing, coupled with an acute shortage of suitable residential sites. To address this, the council sought to rezone about 55 hectares of land on the western fringe of Havelock North, which would make more land available for housing development on Iona Rd and Breadalbane Avenue. This process included consultation with the community, submissions on which closed in May this year and was followed by a hearing of submissions in May and June by three independent commissioners. The commissioners made their recommendations to the Environment Minister David Parker to consider and make a final decision on. Last week Mr Parker advised that the rezoning of land at Iona had been approved. This decision had now been notified by the council so the rezoning could come into effect from September 19 this year. Hastings Mayor Sandra Hazlehurst said the Streamlined Planning Process directed by the Government had enabled council to free up highly sought after residential sections in Havelock North. “It has saved us substantial processing time, which in turn has meant sections in high demand can come to market much faster for our community.” Posted: 17 September 2018