Global Spread From Havelock North

Mogul is a Havelock North based digital marketing company. It has clients in over 50 countries and, in the past two years, has increased its international client base to nearly 40%. “It’s a global workplace with a global client base, and location is becoming more irrelevant. “Mogul’s a little business in Havelock North with clients all around the world. If you can do business online and connect by Zoom or whatever, you can do business from Hawke’s Bay,” says Mogul Managing Director Georgina (George) Miller who runs the business alongside husband, Matt. They’re a formidable team. Now with nine employees and two Hawke’s Bay Business Awards, Mogul has been on a growth path since launching in 2007, although starting their own business was not on the radar when the Millers returned to New Zealand from London. Matt and George landed in Christchurch because it was Matt’s home territory. Matt completed a post graduate e-commerce degree and managed a start-up software company. But after four years in Christchurch, George convinced Matt that Havelock North would be a perfect base for a family. She’d been to boarding school here and hankered to return. “So we put our heads together and decided it was time to start our own business,” says George. “We have proved that you can still have a great career, working on some amazing projects with cool clients from around the world, from Hawke’s Bay. “We found that we had a knack of discovering what makes each organisation unique, and then using the right mix of great design and technology we deliver a digital experience that feels just as it would if physically you walked into the business.” Mogul has also branched out into developing its own products for a global audience. Its first product is, a cloud-based web application which collects and displays social media updates from the world’s favourite social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is great for live events such as conferences, concerts and sports events. “Mogul built its reputation around Hawke’s Bay clients but knew that we couldn’t rest on our laurels as the Hawke’s Bay market is too small. We quickly looked for work outside the region, and our focus is increasingly offshore,” says Matt. Currently Hawke’s Bay clients represent 25 percent of Mogul’s business but the majority is now from out of the region and offshore. As examples of its spreading success, Mogul was selected to work on the member management database for Equestrian Sport New Zealand, and is used by CBS Interactive, the American digital media giant. The Millers have two children, which was a big driver in moving to Hawke’s Bay. Having grown up in the region, George knew first-hand about the great lifestyle, access to excellent schools and the close proximity to the region’s pristine beaches. “One of the things I love about Hawke’s Bay is that in summer we can leave work at 5 o’clock and be on the tennis court playing with the kids by 5.30pm. We lived in London for three years and travelled at least an hour every morning and night for work. Time is so precious. Family is so precious; and kids grow up so fast. “We have proved that you can still have a great career, and working on some amazing projects with cool global clients from here in Hawke’s Bay. For people who have had a gutsful of the big city, commuting and skyrocketing property prices, consider Hawke’s Bay – it’s as close as you’ll get to a perfect work-life balance.” Posted: 23 April 2019