Packages Wrapped Thanks To LillyBee

It’s so rare these days to walk into a workplace and see someone using a sewing machine, while another person picks up an iron and yet another uses a paintbrush.

There are no big machines doing all the hard work at LilyBee Organic Wraps in Onekawa. Instead, there is a team of mums working at the family owned and operated business founded by Stacia Jensen.

As I walk around the factory learning how the LilyBee wraps are made, it is obvious everyone involved is passionate about what they do.

The LilyBee story began just over two years ago when Stacia and her partner Miko (now her husband) went on holiday in a van.

Photo: LilyBee Wrap founder Stacia Jensen For more on this and other great Hawke’s Bay stories go to Posted: 3 March 2019