Climbing The Ladder In The Apple Industry

The apple industry in Hawke’s Bay is thriving. Looking at 2017 statistics published by the New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Ltd. since 2015, apple orchards in New Zealand have increased in value by approximately 70 percent. In 2017 New Zealand exported 343,000t of apples (total production of 384,000t). Of which, 70 percent are grown in Hawke’s Bay. In 2019 exports are expected to exceed 400,000t. This boom in the apple industry is leading to increased career opportunities with more skilled labour in demand. To keep pace with the fast changing horticulture sector, EIT – aligned with industry and the Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) – is constantly widening its range of programmes. A recent addition was the New Zealand Diploma in Horticulture (Level 5), Post Harvest Strand. “The diploma is spread over two years to meet the needs of people working in the horticulture industry,” explains horticulture tutor Chris Thorman, the programme coordinator for the programme. “This means students can work and study during the year and it is tailored to fit around the busy packing season.” Read more on this and other Hawke’s Bay stories in The Profit magazine Posted: 24 May 2019