Compostable Sticker For Hawke’s Bay Apples

A Hawke’s Bay apple grower has become the first Southern Hemisphere apple exporter to start using compostable PLU stickers on its apples.

The PLU (price-look-up) stickers are necessary for the fruit to be easily identified by checkout staff, but they add a lot of plastic waste, with about 1 billion PLU stickers being used on New Zealand apples each year.

New Zealand’s largest organic apple grower, Bostock New Zealand is taking a lead and moving to an environmentally friendly alternative, trialling compostable PLU stickers for its apples this year.

Photo: Heidi Stiefel said that the trial had been successful and the company will look forward to rolling out more compostable stickers next season.   For more on this and other great Hawke’s Bay stories go to Posted: 12 June 2019