Hawke’s Bay Grower A Major Supplier Of Budou Table Grapes

Japanese grape growers who brought their unique grapes to Hawke’s Bay are expanding, and are now selling to New Zealand’s “top 50” cafes and restaurants.

Budousenshin’s locally grown large and rich-tasting “budou” (Japanese table grapes) are grown and harvested in Clive by grape master Tetsuya Higuchi.

Their popularity has risen steadily since 2017 when they were sold in the Hawke’s Bay farmers market for the first time.

Manager Yumeri Katsura says the budou grape season runs from February to April. This has been their best season for them, she says.

Photo: Grape master Tetsuya Higuchi and Yumeri Katsura showcasing the budou grape.  For more on this and other great Hawke’s Bay stories go to hawkesbaytoday.co.nz Posted: 19 March 2019