Water Testing Hawke’s Bay Gains IANZ Accreditation

As a first for the Hawke’s Bay-East Coast region, a combination of people, expertise, equipment, systems and processes have resulted in Water Testing Hawke’s Bay being awarded with IANZ Accreditation for water sampling and a range of chemistry tests carried out in the field while water sampling. Having held IANZ Accreditation in their lab for a number of years, the addition of sampling and testing accreditation in the field makes Water Testing Hawke’s Bay one of the most qualified and competent water testing companies in the Hawke’s Bay, East Coast and Wairarapa regions. There are only a handful of laboratories in New Zealand that hold IANZ accreditation for water sampling and Water Testing Hawke’s Bay is the first laboratory in these regions to achieve accreditation of water sampling services. IANZ (International Accreditation New Zealand) is part of the Accreditation Council, an autonomous Crown entity that is globally recognised and represents independent scrutiny, assessment and recognition of technical and scientific competence. It provides the customer with complete confidence in the results they’ll receive with an assurance they’re being provided with the highest level of water testing services, carried out by qualified and experienced staff, using properly calibrated equipment and scientifically-validated testing methods. Water Testing Hawke’s Bay general manager, Cynthia Bowers, says the company is proud to have earned IANZ Accreditation: “It is the result of a dedicated effort by our team and it provides our clients in both the local government and private sector with a high level of confidence that they’re receiving the highest level of service. We understand the importance to our stakeholders of knowing what’s in their water and IANZ Accreditation gives them independent assurance of our people, equipment and processes.” Water Testing Hawke’s Bay will continue to undergo rigorous and regular assessment and quality control checks across all areas of their operation to ensure adherence to the high standards required by IANZ. Water Testing Hawke’s Bay is an independently owned business operating from a laboratory at Stortford Lodge in Hastings. In addition to their IANZ Accreditation, they are listed as a recognised laboratory by the Ministry of Health. This means Water Testing Hawke’s Bay is a preferred provider of water testing services for analytical testing of raw or drinking water required by the Health Act 1956* and Drinking Water Standards. *It is a specification under the Health Act 1956 that any analytical testing of raw or drinking water required by the Act, or the drinking water standards, is in most situations performed by a recognised laboratory.