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Landmark documentary War on Waste comes to Hastings 

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Helping Hastings residents find ways to minimise their waste is a key focus for the Hastings District Council.

As well as changes to rubbish and recycling collections that were adopted as part of the Waste Minimisation Management Plan (WMMP), the council also committed to educating and informing the community about how to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

Starting later this month, the council has organised for Focal Point Cinema to conduct free screenings of the three episodes from series 2 of the landmark Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) documentary, War on Waste.

More than 4.3 million viewers watched the original series in Australia in 2017, which sparked one of the ABC’s most successful social media campaigns with a video on dumping edible bananas reaching 20 million views.

The series features host Craig Reucassel who in the first episode reveals people’s unhealthy reliance on plastic, especially single-use plastic items such as plastic bottles and straws that damage waterways, oceans and marine life.

In the second episode he exposes the effects of e-waste, one of the fastest growing types of waste and its impact on toxicity levels in landfills, which then leaches to soil and water.

Finally, in the third episode, he goes undercover to reveal the shocking amount of food that’s wasted when people eat out, showing exactly why this is so bad for the environment.

A report produced by Sydney’s University of Technology Institute for Sustainable Futures and the ABC found that many people and businesses were inspired to change after watching both War on Waste series.

It noted that viewers responded well to the documentary’s “motivating and uplifting” format and “solutions-focused” approach and stunts, including an enormous footprint of plastic waste on Manly Beach in Sydney.

ABC’s audience data found that more than two-thirds of the 3.3 million viewers of the second series reported changes in waste behaviours.

The War on Waste episodes will screen at Focal Point Cinema & Café at 5.30pm – Episode 1 (plastic):  August 19, Episode 2 (e-waste): September 9, Episode 3 (food waste): October 14.

The episodes are about one hour long and the Hastings District Council waste team invites audience members to join them after each screening for further conversation, information and a spot prize draw.

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