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The Kiwi Business Boost pilot, Hawke’s Bay – 11th to 21st November

Event Details

The Kiwi Business Boost (the Boost) will launch in Hawke’s Bay in November in four towns:
• Wairoa: War Memorial Hall.
• Napier: Hawke’s Bay Business Hub – 36 Bridge Street.
• Hastings: Sports Centre – 503 Railway Road.
• Waipawa: Senior Citizens Hall.

The best supported businesses in the world by 2021

The Kiwi Business Boost aims to help businesses get the right advice at the right time, to become more productive, compliant, sustainable, healthy and inclusive.

We do this by connecting with and understanding every small business, leveraging the New Zealand Business Number, and wrapping the local and national support ecosystem around their individual needs.

After working together with over 50 partners and testing and iterating ideas with over 200 businesses, we have
developed a prototype that will help businesses with their biggest challenges.

The Kiwi Business Boost will help businesses in the following areas:
Getting started: Registering, planning, naming, research, structure, funding
Growth: Sales, marketing, grants, exporting, accessing finance, using digital technology
Sustainability and wellbeing: Environmental sustainability, mental health
Risks and operations: Health and safety, intellectual property, insurance, privacy
Tax and accounting: Cash flow, tax and accounting, understanding financials
Staff: Hiring and retaining, leave, holidays, management, leadership.

Recommendation platform on
The Kiwi Business Boost platform ( will learn about each small business and then deliver tailored content, tools and advice to help. It will also recommend relevant and local events, like workshops or one-on-one expert sessions. The platform will have an event booking component for businesses to register. The events will be live from 10 October 2019 and the full platform will launch on 1 November 2019.

One-on-one expert sessions
The one-on-one expert sessions are a chance for small businesses to spend a few minutes with experts. Businesses can drop in, grab a coffee and have a chat to work through an issue they are having throughout the two-hour period. Experts will share updates and trends at the start of the session.

These sessions will:
• provide updates on law changes and new trends about the topic (20 mins)
• answer questions small businesses might have in brief one-on-one sessions (100 mins).

There will be five different expert sessions delivered once in each of the four locations.
• Getting started: There’s no magic formula for starting a successful small business, but the better your decisions
early on, the better your chances.
• Growth: Ready to take the next step in your business? Growth and innovation takes the right plans, resources
and attitude to succeed.
• Risks and operations: Good business planning and systems can make all the difference in the event of an
unexpected accident or disaster.
• Staff: There’s a lot to think about if hiring and managing staff is an important part of your business. Getting it
right can make a big difference.
• Tax and accounting: Take the stress out of managing tax and finances with a bit of organisation and the right
help at the right time.

Workshops will be delivered by partners and will run from 11th – 21st November. The workshops will dive deeper into topic areas and focus on practical steps businesses can take.

Small business stories
Businesses like to learn from other businesses. Small business stories give businesses the chance to connect with other local businesses – like real live case studies. They will take place in a local café. The talks will create a space for businesses to think differently and reflect on situations in new ways. There will be opportunities to ask questions and meet others in business.

Contact details
Partners: Eric Janse van Rensburg – +64 (21) 1105 109
Concerns: Matt Kennedy-Good – +64 (21) 801 026
Event logistics: Chris Evans – +64 (21) 537 155
Media enquiries: Michael Docherty – +64 (0)21 829 613
Marketing: Jeanne-Marie Cole – +64 (0)21 029 76659

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