A template for success

Joanna Monteith has been helping businesses set up business software solutions for many years but it’s some of the easier requests that has the potential to launch a global marketplace business.

Joanna owns Consult, a Napier-based business that helps transition businesses to cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) products such as Xero and WorkflowMax.

The days of printing invoices out on pre-printed letterhead with logos and contact details is long gone and the cloud-based software solutions can replicate the old way, while offering much more – if you know what you’re doing.

“That’s where Customisedt comes in. Many industries have their own requirements and off-the-shelf solutions sometimes don’t easily enable customisation. The capability is there but the ability for a business owner or manager to customise can be time-consuming.

“I’ve done customised invoices, purchase orders and packing slips upon request for many years and when another client asks I’ve then had to try and find the last one I did to duplicate, which sometimes isn’t too easy.

“I realised that I should create a library of templates for all types of business documentation and when the next client asked, I could show them some examples to choose from.”


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