CR Automation raises the bar in post-harvest performance

Founded in 2002 as an automation contracting company CR Automation has a track record of supporting local and international businesses in post-harvest produce handling, water & waste water, food & beverage, and manufacturing.

CR Automation director Peter Richards says in 2016 CR expanded into Turnkey Solutions with the establishment of a team comprising of mechanical design, project management, robotics, automation, electrical design and a dedicated team of highly skilled assembly engineers.

Since then CR has undertaken post-harvest food processing projects for Taylor Corp, Malbec, Mr Apple, Mt Erin and now Rockit Global.

CR was the principal contractor for the fit out of the just completed Rockit packhouse and responsible for engaging a range of trade based contracting companies as partners.

The team lead by John Mitchell CR’s Engineering Manager spent over 14,000 hours since May 2020 on the design and equipment fit out of a state-of-the-art apple sorting and packing facility, as well as software development and controls systems to automate the cool storage facility at Rockit.

“The new production facilities plant equipment layout was designed by our industry specialists. We relocated everything from the former packing facility in Cooper Street, Havelock North, refurbished and modified it as well as providing new equipment to the larger packing area footprint”.


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