Steak lovers rejoice! First Light Steak Club opens NZ waitlist

Following the success of its United States-based Steak Club, multiple award-winning New Zealand grass-fed meat producer, First Light, is opening a New Zealand arm, and taking registrations of interest now.

The Steak Club curates monthly deliveries of only the very highest marble score Wagyu beef, along with exclusive content, cooking techniques and recipes available via a members-only app. “Our very high marble score meat, because it’s trickier to produce on the 100% grass diet First Light insists on, is highly prized,” says First Light CEO Jason Ross. “By launching a New Zealand Steak Club, our greatest meat lovers are able to access a consistent supply of these high marble score cuts, with the convenience of home delivery.”

Each box, couriered to the door, contains a selection of rarely available premium Wagyu beef, ideal as the basis of a special occasion meal or dinner party with friends. Members are alerted to the cuts in each delivery several weeks in advance. “This is not everyday eating,” explains Jason. “These prime pieces of richly marbled Wagyu are the finest we have available. We’re talking about marble scores of 5 to 9 – all natural, without hormones or antibiotics. These beautifully tender cuts of meat are of an incredible calibre and from our very best producers across New Zealand.”

In the US, the Steak Club has attained cult-like status and has been namechecked by both Forbes and food writer Andy Wang of Food and Wine Magazine, who has described how the membership experience and clever cooking tips deliver “steak unlike any other you’ve tasted.”

The current US membership includes celebrities and entrepreneurs.

As in the US, the NZ First Light Steak Club will remain closely held, with a three-tier subscription system, each tier including specific cuts to meet differing appetites. Prices are likely to start at between $100 and $200 per month, depending on the inclusions in each tier.

New Zealand steak lovers are invited to register their interest ahead of the 2021 launch. “There’s been such demand for this club to open in New Zealand and so many people asking us to get cracking that we’ve decided to begin taking no-obligation registrations now, so we can assess interest and begin the process of allocating our best beef to the club,” says Jason. “In the meantime, we’re excited to bring every prospective member on the journey with us, through our membership communications and VIP offers, as we prepare to open the club and share the very
best and most flavoursome beef in the world with New Zealanders.”

To sign up please go to and scroll to the registration information.


MEDIA RELEASE – Tuesday 22nd September, 2020 – First Light