Podcasting from the Bay

Podcasting is the fastest growing media globally, creating fortunes and celebrity status for the likes of Joe Rogan, Bill Simmons, Karen Kilgraff and Georgia Hardstark (My favourite murder). There’s an oddity about sending questions to local podcasters for a written and published feature… Hawke’s Bay has some amazing podcast talent who enjoy sharing their experiences and knowledge in a particular interest area or interviewing influential people.


Bays of Our Lives – Yvonne Lorkin & Dan Brennan

Yvonne Lorkin is a well known wine writer, entrepreneur and for insuring her tastebuds for $1 million! She’s teamed up with wine maker Dan Brennan to interview interesting local identities on their Bays of Our Lives podcast.

A podcast that unrolls the vibrant tapestry of Hawke’s Bay through extraordinary people who call this region home. From creatives to community leaders, entrepreneurs and all-round excellent people, each episode is a conversation celebrating the spirit of Hawke’s Bay through the good folk who make this place shine.

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The Rural Sales Show – St John Craner

St John Craner is a respected marketer, specialising in the agri/primary sector who devours self-improvement books and uses his podcast The Rural Sales Show to support rural sales teams.

Why did you start a podcast?
Selfishly and honestly? For myself as I’ve always been a lifelong learner and Iearn so much from my guests. The secondary objective was to serve my audience more as I see way too many rural reps suffer in their jobs unnecessarily when there are answers out there and people or leaders who can help them. They just have to help themselves by listening and learning.

What is its theme?
Psychology, mindset, human behaviour, sales, fitness, leadership. All the things you need to have to be on top of your game.

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Rusty’s Garage & Watts Under The Bonnet – Greg Rust

Greg Rust is an well respected Australian motor racing broadcaster and commentator living in Havelock North who has his own podcast Rusty’s Garage, along with a branded pod for www.carsales.com.au (one of the biggest auto sites in Oz and a blue chip company) called ‘Watts Under The Bonnet’.

Rusty’s Garage, launched in early 2018, is conversations around automotive and racing with drivers, riders, engineers, administrators, broadcasters and more. Lots of great Kiwis are in there including fellow local Greg Murphy (who’s been on twice), Paul Radisich, Scott McLaughlin & recently Hayden Paddon, just to name a few. With Watts Under The Bonnet we talk
all aspects of electric cars. While I host this I am on something of a journey of discovery. I’ve learned heaps! My co-host is Aussie car journo Nadine Armstrong from CarSales.

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Reo Struggles – Kiini Krystal

Kiini Krystal’s podcast Reo Struggles discusses the Te Reo Māori highs and lows of revitalisng the language.

Reo Struggles is a monthly podcast that discusses the Te Reo Māori highs and lows of revitalising the language experienced by the guest/manuhiri. Reo Struggles is for anyone seeking inspiration, guidance and encouragement with their Te Reo Māori journey. This is a podcast that is educational and also for listening pleasure too.

What platforms are you on?
Spotify and Podbean and I promote it on Instagram and Facebook.

Why do you podcast?
My objective is to create a platform that educates people about Te Reo Māori by the means of sharing stories by real people and real experiences.

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The Soul Garden podcast – Georgina Langdale

Georgina Langdale uses her podcast The Soul Garden to explore ways we can look after our own wellbeing and those we care for. I use the podcast to explore ways we can look after our own wellbeing and those we care for. It’s a mix of ecotherapy, coaching, women’s midlife transitions (menopause), meditation, end of life care and spirituality.

I want my podcast to be a key channel for reaching people who might be interested in other things I do. I’m not aiming for podcast revenue, but I do hope that it encourages people to take a look at my website and sign up for some coaching, a course or purchase some products I make. I enjoy working with audio, it’s such a fabulous medium for sharing information with. I like the immediacy of it, and how easy it is for listeners to consume as they are doing other things like going to the gym etc.

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First published by The Profit.