Heavenly harvest hopportunity

GodsOwn’s hop harvest had no shortage of workers on Sunday.

Many of them would probably have been there anyway, sipping beer under the hop vines.

The congregation was treated to live music as they stripped the cut vines at their tables.

Brewer Godfrey Quemeneur said it was a labour of love.

“We cut down the hops, we coil it up, we take it over to the tables, give them a bag and they just help us by plucking off the cones,” he said.

“We’ve had people that have been doing it now for three, four, or five years and we’ve people come from Palmerston North, just for the trip to help us out.

“We have a couple of avid home brewers to come and get some and take it home and then grow some hops and bring it up to us.”

Between drinks, harvesters received sticky fingers as they seized the “hopportunity” to harvest what Quemeneur calls beer’s special spice.

He said brews made from the home-grown hops were unique.

“They bring something different depending on where they’re grown.”


First published by Hawke’s Bay Today. Click here to read the full article and view the video.