Meke Meter and Dominys set to dominate wellbeing market

Levi and Dana Armstrong have a strong desire to improve the mental, social and physical wellbeing of communities.

For over five years, the Armstrongs have worked with a team of researchers at EIT to develop the Meke Meter,

The Meke Meter is an indigenous quality of life self-assessment tool.

By asking people to think about their current physical, mental and social well- being, Levi and Dana are hoping to gain good insight into the country’s well- being.

Through completing the Meke Meter regularly, people can track any changes to their wellbeing. This empowers individuals to set goals and make positive changes to improve their quality of life.

“I come from a fitness background where it’s all about physical appearance but actually it’s a lot bigger than that – it’s also about mental and social well-being, which is crucial when taking a holistic approach to health.”


First published by The Profit – read the full article here.