Canned Water – A First For NZ

A Hawke’s Bay drinks company has become the first in New Zealand to scrap plastic water bottles in favour of recyclable cans to hold still water products.

Whakatu-based Parkers Beverage Company, which manufactures and distributes brands such as Parkers water, Ō Pure Artesian Water, Deco City Beer, DeVine Wine and 1835 Coffee, announced it had ceased using plastic – totally.

Parkers managing director Doug Speedy said the company made the move to implement a “complex” approach to canning still water for a few reasons.

“Parkers feels they would struggle long term competing against the huge multinational plastic bottle producers based in New Zealand. It is a commodity business where the lowest cost of production wins.

Photo: Parkers new canned water drinks taking over from plastic bottles.  For morCapturee on this and other great Hawke’s Bay stories go to Posted: 2 December 2018