Craggy Range Restaurant Honoured with Multiple Awards at Hospitality New Zealand Awards for Excellence

Craggy Range Restaurant, a treasured culinary destination renowned for its exceptional dining experience, has been honoured with multiple accolades at this year’s Hospitality New Zealand Awards for Excellence. The prestigious awards include the title of “Best Fine Dining Restaurant,” the recognition of Executive Chef Casey McDonald as “Chef of the Year,” and an overall highly commendable award for the restaurant’s commitment to excellence.

The Hospitality New Zealand Awards for Excellence celebrate outstanding contributions and achievements in the hospitality industry. Craggy Range Restaurant’s triumphs highlight its commitment to delivering an exceptional dining experience.

Chef Casey McDonald’s recognition as “Chef of the Year” acknowledges his passion for the culinary arts and dedication to the community, elevating the restaurant’s offerings to new heights. Chef McDonald’s expertise, attention to detail, and dedication to excellence have earned him admiration from both industry peers and food enthusiasts.

The highly commended award highlights the establishment’s overall commitment to excellence. This recognition reflects the tireless efforts of the entire team, from the front-of-house to the kitchen, who consistently go above and beyond to provide guests with a memorable and unparalleled dining experience.

Speaking about the awards, Kristine Kilpatrick, Head of People and Hospitality at Craggy Range Restaurant, expressed their gratitude and excitement. “We are truly honoured to be recognised as Best Fine Dining Restaurant, and our own Casey McDonald being named Best Chef at the Hospitality NZ Awards, especially considering the depth of talent and amazing restaurants throughout New Zealand. These awards would not be possible without our exceptional team.”

Craggy Range Restaurant has firmly established itself as a culinary gem, and these awards reaffirm its position as a leading fine dining destination in New Zealand. With the culinary prowess of Chef Casey McDonald and a dedicated team, Craggy Range Restaurant promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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