Hawke’s Bay teen’s makeup business Ma’s Beauty is booming

A Hawke’s Bay teenager who discovered makeup at 13 is about to celebrate her first year in business.

Marsha Morrell-Dzilic’s home-based business Ma’s Beauty has gone from strength to strength since opening on December 1 last year.

“It’s been an awesome year. I have met so many people, clients and people in the industry. I’m home based but my goal is to end up in town and build a franchise.

“I have extended my hours to fit in with my clients’ feedback and I’m about to launch my own cosmetic line,” Morrell-Dzilic said.

The 19-year-old, who is of Māori and Bosnian descent, says she “discovered” makeup at 13 years old. She watched hours and hours of YouTube clips by Robert Welsh, a professional makeup artist, teaching herself what to do and not to do with makeup.

When she was introduced to Trades Academy at school, where students attend EIT once a week, she knew as soon as she saw the beauty department that was what she wanted to do.

“That’s when I started the Trades Academy Beauty Services Level 2. By the time I turned 16 I knew what I wanted to do. I was determined and nothing was going to stop me.”

Morrell-Dzilic left school to study full-time at EIT. She graduated completing the Makeup and Skin Care (Introduction) Level 3, Beauty and Therapy Level 4 and NZ Diploma in Beauty Therapy Level 5. The next step at 18 years old was opening her own business.

“I have always been independent and determined so once I had a plan I just went for it.

“I love making people feel happy and confident and that’s what you do in this industry,” she said.

While studying to become a beauty therapist, Morrell-Dzilic says, she was “dedicated and determined”.

“I would come in on days I was not required, I would stay up late studying and I would come to class early to set up my station and to go over my notes. I completed my studies with straight A grades and one memorable achievement was receiving a 100 per cent in electrolysis – permanent hair removal. My tutor, Paula, said she had never given a 100 per cent before.”

The name Ma’s Beauty holds a lot of meaning for Morrell-Dzilic.

“One day Mum and I were brainstorming about a name for my business. I wanted something short and snappy that was easy to remember. My mum said, ‘what about Ma?’ That’s what her mother was called. I never knew my grandmother but my granddad (her husband) has always supported me.”

Sadly her granddad Herbert Morrell died, aged 87, on October 10.

“Now the name holds even more significance for me.”

Ma’s Beauty offers a huge range of services including massage, nails, facials including microdermabrasion and LED light therapy, facial waxing, makeup and brow and lash services.

“I also retail skincare products by Ginger & Me and O Cosmedics and makeup products by Ma’s Cosmetics, my own makeup line. I have created lip glosses and hand-held mirrors and will be launching my first eyeshadow palette and eye brushes on November 1,” she said.

It’s an impressive start to Morrell-Dzilic’s business journey.

For more information go to Ma’s Beauty page on Facebook.


First published by HB Today.