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Hawke’s Bay

If you’re contemplating relocating to our fabulous region, this section of the Great Things Grow Here™ website will provide you with a snap-shot of the diverse and interesting traits that make Hawke’s Bay home to some of the most productive and innovative people and businesses in New Zealand.

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You don’t have to look far in this Hawke’s Bay region to see that Great Things Grow Here.

We are New Zealand’s largest producer of apples, pears, stone fruit and squash. Our farms produce premium beef and lamb, which is exported to markets around the world. Hawke’s Bay is the oldest and second largest wine-growing region.

What’s more, this is a beautiful part of Aotearoa New Zealand, with amazing landscapes and natural resources creating a unique environment. That plays a big part in attracting innovative people with great ideas to the Hawke’s Bay region.

Food and wine are not only plentiful in Hawke’s Bay, but are among the best in New Zealand, if not the world. We also enjoy a unique, interesting and appealing history.

There are many Maori legends connected with our region. Our most famous story tells of Maui fishing with his brothers and catching a great fish that turned out to be the North Island of New Zealand, According to legend, the hook formed part of the North Island coastline which subsequently was named Hawke’s Bay. The Maori name for Hawke’s Bay is ‘Te Matau a Maui’ or the ‘Hook of the Fish of Maui’.


Work-life balance is important for anyone who contemplates moving to a new region to pursue new career opportunities. Hawke’s Bay offers this balance with wide open spaces, fabulous beaches, bountiful recreational facilities, and a lifestyle second to none.

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Welcome to Hawke’s Bay. You really will enjoy living here.


This great place

It’s sunny – 2,200 hours of sunshine each year and we have 350 kilometres of stunning coastline and mountain ranges.

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Our great people

Hawke’s Bay’s population is about 173,700 and 60% working age. Statistics reveal we’re a happy, healthy and satisfied lot.

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Our growing economy

Our regions’ strong, productive base provides a solid foundation for new businesses to relocate and grow.

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Enjoy a lifestyle that brings happy, relaxed days with plenty of new opportunities. Great for your health and great for families.

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Hawke’s Bay people enjoy a relaxed pace of life. 84 percent of us have good to excellent health, and 85 percent are happy and content.

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Parents want to give the best to their children, and an excellent education is perhaps the best gift of all.

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